Project Urak Lawoi

Koh Lipe’s Heritage Trails

For historical memory and preservation of the Urak Lawoi Sea Tribe and it’s traditions.

If you are planning a trip to Ko Lipe or you have already holidayed here. You would have met many of the local ‘chao ley’,’sea gypsies’ or the URAK LAWOI tribe. They are the beautiful people that live here who are always smiling and laughing and are the original founders of Ko Lipe.

With the changing times & increase in tourism the local people can quickly loose their traditions and land.

This amazing project has been set up in order for people to learn about the local culture in order to preserve it for many years to come.

Please view the website in order to learn more!

You can also keep up to date on their facebook page.

If you come to Ko Lipe in around October and May you can see a lot of the local customs in the Chao Ley festival.