Adang Sea Divers

SSI React Right – First Aid Course

SSI React Right Speciality

CPR and First Aid

Whether being are a diver or not, take a step towards being prepared for emergencies whilst meeting the prerequisites for the Rescue Diver Course.

Lots of fun and learning

Me and my boyfriend stayed at Adang Sea Divers eco lodge and we completed our open water scuba diving there. From the start our instructors Kiera and Gabriel were very professional and fun at the same time, they were so patient with our group when we needed more time and training and never made us feel like a burden.

jessicamclayton – 5 Star Trip Advisor Reviewed Feb 2022

    Arrival Date

    Can you answer NO to all the medical questionnaire

    SSI Reach Right certification card

    Price – 6,000 THB

    Duration – 1 Day

    Whether being are a diver or not, take a step towards being prepared for emergencies whilst meeting the prerequisites for the Rescue Diver Course.

    CPR & First Aid: Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care.

    SSI React Right encompasses many skills which give you the confidence to respond to medical emergencies in a fun, upbeat environment. You can put your skills to use in every day life, not just on the dive boat and ultimately help save someone’s life.

    A fun way to learn First Aid!

    We focus on Primary & Secondary care, teaching you a variety of first aid skills such as rescue breathing, bandaging a bleeding victim, shock management, splinting for broken bones or dislocations and CPR. There is also a multiple-choice exam at the end.

    You begin by watching a video and follow the accompanying manual which teaches you both Primary Care (life-threatening) and Secondary Care (illness and injury).

    Over the course you will master CPR, rescue breathing, first aid, oxygen use, injury and illness assessments and much more. The final scenarios are a fun way to put it all together with the class and a chance to show off your acting skills!

    What’s Included!

    Prices are fully inclusive of diving equipment rental, lunch, drinking water, diving insurance & dive instructor fees.

    Diamond Access Upgrades

    The online theory is only available for 3 months or until after certification if you wish to have unlimited access to online materials then there is an additional 1,000 THB surcharge.

    E-Card Certification

    We have opted to only use E-certification cards using the MySSI Dive App to reduce plastic. If you would like to order a plastic card this is still possible but with a 1,000 THB surcharge.


      Arrival Date

      Can you answer NO to all the medical questionnaire

      SSI Digital Learning


      Cut down the amount of hours spent in the classroom on your diving holiday, and sign up on the MySSI app. Complete the theory portion in your own time at home! This means more time in the water when you get here and less time in the classroom!

      The SCUBA Diver Course will then take only 2 days!

      Enroll in the SSI Stess and Rescue Diver Course Online for immediate on your computer tablet or mobile based access to the Open Water Manual and Video. Integrated into seamless, guided online learning.

      BOOK HERE!

        Arrival Date

        Can you answer NO to all the medical questionnaire

        SSI Bundle Kits Koh Lipe Thailand

        Diamond Rescue Bundle

        Price – 18,000 THB

        Duration – 3/4 days

        We offer a Diamond Rescue Bundle including SSI React Right and Stress and Rescue speciality courses. The two courses can be taught well together first learning CPR and first aid on land then into Ocean.

        BOOK HERE!

          Arrival Date

          Can you answer NO to all the medical questionnaire

          What’s Next

          This course is the stepping stone towards Rescue Diver Course, the most rewarding of all the non professional courses. Enroll in our Oxygen Provider Specialty Course if you want to expand on your emergency skills.

          Next step after these courses would be Dive Guide or Divemaster at a Professional level.

          Dive Medical Check

          Dive Medical Check NOTE:
          We must let you know that certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving such as asthma and heart conditions. If you are currently taking any medications, or are unsure about your fitness to dive, please have a look at the Diving Medical Questionnaire. If you answer YES to any to any questions listed then you must print out the RSTC Medical form and take it to your physician prior to coming to Thailand.

          Please click to see a full Medical Statement.

          Diving Discounts:

          200 THB discount per dive with own equipment (own Equipment discount applies if you have own BCD, Regulator and Wetsuit).

          We offer 10% discount off diving day trips or any Course if you;
          • Completed a SSI Course with us previously
          • Completed a course with Blue View Divers on Koh Phi Phi
          • Are a Professional Diver with current/renewed license status
          • Are a guest in our Adang Sea Eco-Lodge or the Hideaway
          • Dive with us in Green Season (May 15th-October 15th)

          PLEASE NOTE: Only one discount can be applied per person at any time.

          What’s Included!

          Prices are fully inclusive of diving equipment rental, lunch, drinking water, diving insurance & dive instructor fees.

          Cancellation Policy

          Deposit of 1,000 THB (fun divers) or 3000 THB (courses) are none refundable.
          We require advance notice for cancellations and/or changes to your booking.
          Any no shows/cancellations after 7pm the evening prior to diving, will be charged 500THB fee.
          (+5 % charge where applicable)
          If for any reason you cannot complete a training course, you will receive
          partial refund for the sections not completed.
          If you require additional training to meet the course requirements, we reserve the right
          to charge for additional dives and confined sessions.

          Read More

          SSI React Right CPR Training: Saving Lives with Confidence

          Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a critical life-saving skill that everyone should know. In emergency situations, knowing how to react quickly and effectively can make the difference between life and death. The SSI React Right CPR training program offers a comprehensive and hands-on approach to learning CPR, equipping individuals with the skills and confidence to respond effectively in emergencies.

          In this blog, we will explore the importance of SSI React Right CPR training, what it entails, and the benefits it offers to both individuals and communities.

          The Importance of CPR Training

          CPR is a vital skill that can be the difference-maker when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest or another life-threatening situation. Statistics show that about 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital setting in the United States each year. Immediate CPR can double or even triple the chances of survival, making it a crucial skill for anyone to learn.

          SSI React Right CPR Training

          SSI (Scuba Schools International) offers a comprehensive CPR training program known as “React Right.” While SSI is widely recognized for its scuba diving education, the React Right program is not limited to divers; it is open to anyone interested in acquiring essential life-saving skills. The React Right course covers a range of critical topics, including:

          1. Basic Life Support (BLS): This component of the course focuses on adult, child, and infant CPR. Participants learn how to perform chest compressions, rescue breathing, and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).
          2. Secondary Care: Beyond CPR, React Right training also covers first aid techniques, such as wound management, bandaging, and splinting. Participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to respond to various injuries and medical emergencies.
          3. Emergency Oxygen Administration: Oxygen can be a crucial intervention in many medical emergencies, and React Right provides training on how to administer emergency oxygen to those in need.
          4. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Usage: AEDs are becoming more common in public spaces. React Right teaches individuals how to use these life-saving devices correctly to restore normal heart rhythm in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

          The Benefits of SSI React Right CPR Training

          1. Saving Lives: The most apparent benefit of React Right CPR training is the potential to save lives. By learning these essential skills, individuals become empowered to act confidently and effectively in emergency situations, increasing the chances of survival for those in need.
          2. Confidence and Preparedness: CPR training with React Right builds confidence in participants, ensuring people are better prepared to handle emergencies. This training reduces panic and hesitation, enabling swift and effective action.
          3. Community Resilience: Widespread CPR training helps create a safer and more resilient community. By having a significant number of individuals trained in React Right CPR, a community is better prepared to respond to medical emergencies, potentially saving more lives.
          4. Workplace and Scuba Diving Requirements: Many workplaces and industries require employees to undergo CPR training as part of their job requirements. Similarly, scuba divers are often required to have CPR training before participating in certain diving activities. React Right fulfills these requirements, ensuring compliance and safety.

          SSI Reach Right Course

          SSI React Right CPR training is a valuable and comprehensive program that equips individuals with life-saving skills. In today’s world, where medical emergencies can happen at any time, being prepared is essential. Learning React Right CPR can make a significant difference in saving lives and promoting a safer, more resilient community.

          If you’re looking to acquire essential CPR skills or meet job or recreational requirements, consider enrolling in the SSI React Right CPR training program. With confidence, preparedness, and the ability to make a positive impact in emergency situations, you’ll be better equipped to save lives and contribute to the well-being of your community.

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