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Diving Koh Lipe

Diving Trips Around Koh Lipe for Certified Divers

If you are coming to Koh Lipe as a certified diver you MUST join us on our daily dive trips.

Koh Lipe’s Marine Park has some of the BEST dive sites in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

A Truly Excellent SSI Dive Center

This was my wife and my second time here, the first being a year before. At that time we enjoyed everything about diving with ASD so much that we kept extending our stay to do more fun dives. 

Koh Lipe has some of Thailand’s best diving, I know because I have dived almost all of the Thai dive locations! There are many dive sites around Lipe and with their smaller speedboat and a couple of available longtail boats, Adang visits so many. They really try to give you daily dives that are new for you. 

Redwood Resident -Trip Advisor, Feb 2023

    Preferred Diving Date

    Fun Dive Price (per person)Price (per dive)
    1 Dive1,600 THB
    2 to 4 Dives1,500 THB
    5 to 7 Dives1,400 THB
    8 to 10 Dives1,300 THB
    11+ Dives1,200 THB

    10% Discount on all Diving Courses and Daily Dive Trips during our Green Season!

    (June 1st-September 30th)

    Ko Lipe is known as ‘The Maldives of Thailand’, with its crystal clear waters and powder-like sand. Alongside that, Koh Lipe has quickly became famous as one of the best places to dive in Thailand. If you’re a certified diver then you cannot miss diving here!

    The dive sites here have something for everyone, from beginner divers to the more advanced and experienced divers! 

    There is a large variety of things to see in Koh Lipe’s underwater world, from vibrant soft corals at Stonehenge, whaleshark hunting at 8 Mile Rock, spotting 5 or more Seahorses at Talang Steps and Muck diving for tiny nudibranchs at Waterfall dive site.

    In addition, if you are into Macro Diving then Koh Lipe has some dive sites that are guaranteed to impress you! We have plenty of unique tiny critters around, such as Seahorses, Flatworms, Candy Crabs, Shrimps, Nudibranchs, Frogfish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish and many more.

    Diving Discounts:

    Diving Discounts:

    200 THB discount per dive with own equipment (own Equipment discount applies if you have own BCD, Regulator and Wetsuit).

    We offer 10% discount off diving day trips, as well as all SSI Courses and PADI Courses if you;
    • Have completed a SSI Course or PADI Course with us previously
    • Have completed a PADI Course with Blue View Divers on Koh Phi Phi
    • Are Professional Diver with current/renewed license status
    • Are a guest in Adang Sea Eco Lodge or The Hideaway
    • Dive with us in Green Season (May 15th-October 15th)

    PLEASE NOTE: Only one discount can be applied per person at any time.

    What’s Included!

    Prices are fully inclusive of diving equipment rental, lunch, drinking water, Diving Insurance & dive instructor fees.

    National Park Fees

    Please be aware National Park fees are not included in our diving prices and this is an extra 200 THB per day.

    This is separate to what you pay when you enter Ko Lipe, as there is an extra national park fee for SCUBA Diving.


      Preferred Diving Date

      SCUBA Skills update diving Koh Lipe

      SCUBA Skills Update

      Has it been a while since you last dived? Therefore you may need to refresh your scuba diving skills. For anyone who has been out of the water a while we offer two types of refresher courses.

      SCUBA Refresher Dive Trips Koh Lipe
      Scuba Refresher
      Price – 2,500 THB
      1 Day – 1 Dive

      The basic refresher is for those who have not dived in 6 months or more. This deal includes 1 dive in the Marine Park and a review of ‘the important stuff’, such as dive theory and how to set up your scuba gear.

      You will also review some mask, regulator, buoyancy and emergency skills at the start of your dive, in a shallow sandy area of the reef.

      After this, you can brush up on your buoyancy skills by joining our Perfect Buoyancy speciality, which is a fun way to fine tune breathing and buoyancy on your dives.

      An excellent choice if you want to explore the reef closer and with more confidence. It even counts as one dive towards your Advanced Open Water Course!

      BOOK HERE!

        Preferred Diving Date

        Full Refresher diving Koh Lipe

        Full Scuba Skills Update

        (with Confined Training)

        Price – 5,000 THB

        Duration: 1-2 days

        This is a comprehensive program for those who have not dived in over 2 years or have little previous experience.

        We review dive theory with you and take you through how to set up your scuba equipment. We will review many of the essential and important skills from the Open Water Course, in a shallow and controlled environment off one of the beautiful beaches of Koh Lipe.

        This is followed by two supervised dives in the National Marine Park around Koh Lipe, where you can practice your skills more and remember how amazing scuba diving really is!

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          Preferred Diving Date

          Daily Dives from our Speedboat or Longtail

          If you are a certified diver you can join our daily dive trips around Ko Lipe from our Speedboat or our traditional Thai Longtail boat. You can do between 1 and 4 dives per day at various dive sites around The Taruatao National Park, Thailand.

          Here you will be guided by one of our highly experienced staff, that have copious knowledge on the underwater marine life, tidal movements and the locations of all the cool stuff!

          There is also an option for a sunrise and sunset night dive, which we can organise daily upon request (subject to availability, weather and tidal movement).

          Our diving groups consist of a maximum of 4 divers per guide, so that everyone can have a relaxed and enjoyable time, with safety as our number one priority.

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            Preferred Diving Date

            Trip Advisor travellers choice Koh Lipe

            Rated Number 1 Thing to Do on Koh Lipe.

            Our Dive Center is currently rated the number 1 thing to do in Ko Lipe on Trip Advisor! Join us for some daily diving around the beautiful Tarutao National Marine Park.

            Dive Packages for Certified Divers Available

            If you are looking to do a diving holiday we have dive packages available. These packages include accommodation, diving & speedboat transfers too and from Koh Lipe. Please view our package page and then decide how many dives you would like to do.

            Private Dive Guides Available – 1000 THB extra per dive.

            We normally dive with limit of 4 divers to each dive guide, however, if you prefer to dive alone or only with your buddy, you have the possibility of requesting a personal diving guide, who will show you the wonders of the Tarutao National Marine Park with a little more privacy and personal attention.

            This is subject to availability and can be booked only when you check in with us at the dive centre. This is a great option for Diving Photographers, as you can choose the pace of your dive, and spend a lot of time in focused areas.

            BOOK HERE!

              Preferred Diving Date

              Thorough Dive Briefings Before and After Diving.

              Before each dive we will give you a thorough and informative dive briefing, informing you on the expected conditions and marine life. Additionally, after the dives, our Dive Professionals will take the time to help you fill in your logbooks and to give explanations regarding marine life spotted during the dive trips in Koh Lipe.

              Private Boats Available.

              We have the option to book a private boat for your diving day. You can choose from your own private Traditional Thai Longtail Boat, your own private Custom built Diving Speedboat, or even our Luxury VIP Catamaran!

              Please contact us using the form below for pricing, options, availability and further details.

              Enriched air diving Koh Lipe

              Nitrox/Enriched Air available for your Dives on Koh Lipe.

              We are one of the only dive centres on Koh Lipe to offer the possibility of diving with enriched air NITROX. In order to dive with enriched air you need to show us your Nitrox Diver certification or you can do your Nitrox course with one of our SSI Instructors for your Nitrox dive trip around Koh Lipe.

              PADI instructor Koh Lipe
              Enriched Air Tank RentalTHB
              1 tank (on top of diving price)300
              10 tanks package2,500

              Dive Courses for Non Certified Divers.

              If you are not already a certified diver then you can look at our Dive Courses page and choose to do the SSI Open Water course or SSI Try SCUBA.

              BOOK HERE!

                Preferred Diving Date

                Continue your SCUBA Education with some Advanced SCUBA Training

                If you wish to get more out of your time on Ko Lipe you can look to complete some Advanced Scuba Training. We teach full range of SSI courses from Advanced Adventure, Stress and Rescue, React Right and Divemaster. We also offer a full range of dive courses and speciality courses.

                PADI instructor Koh Lipe
                BOOK HERE!

                  Preferred Diving Date

                  Dive Medical Check

                  Dive Medical Check NOTE:
                  We must let you know that certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving such as asthma and heart conditions. If you are currently taking any medications, or are unsure about your fitness to dive, please have a look at the Diving Medical Questionnaire. If you answer YES to any to any questions listed then you must print out the RSTC Medical form and take it to your physician prior to coming to Thailand.

                  Please click to see a full Medical Statement.

                  Cancellation Policy

                  Deposit of 1,000 THB (fun divers) or 3000 THB (courses) are none refundable.
                  We require advance notice for cancellations and/or changes to your booking.
                  Any no shows/cancellations after 7pm the evening prior to diving, will be charged 500THB.
                  (+5 % charge where applicable)
                  If for any reason you cannot complete a training course, you will receive
                  partial refund for the sections not completed.
                  If you require additional training to meet the course requirements, we reserve the right
                  to charge for additional dives and pool sessions.

                  Read More

                  Dive into Paradise: Fun Dive Trips for Certified Divers on Koh Lipe

                  Koh Lipe, an idyllic island in the Andaman Sea, is a diver’s paradise with crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life. Certified divers looking for a thrilling underwater adventure need to look no further. Koh Lipe offers a plethora of dive sites that cater to divers of all levels, from novice to advanced. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why Koh Lipe is the perfect destination for certified divers seeking fun and unforgettable dive trips.

                  1. Vibrant Coral Reefs

                  Koh Lipe is nestled within the Tarutao National Marine Park, making it a marine conservation area teeming with vibrant coral reefs. Divers are treated to a kaleidoscope of colors as they descend beneath the surface. The coral gardens here are home to a diverse range of hard and soft corals, including fan corals, brain corals, and more. These thriving ecosystems create the perfect backdrop for underwater photography and an opportunity to witness the beauty of the ocean’s delicate balance.

                  2. Abundance of Marine Life

                  One of the most enticing reasons to dive in Koh Lipe is the rich marine biodiversity. The waters around the island are home to a variety of marine species, including reef fish, rays, turtles, and even sharks. Divers can encounter gentle giants like whale sharks and manta rays during certain seasons. If you’re lucky, you might spot seahorses, cuttlefish, and nudibranchs among the coral formations.

                  3. Dive Sites for All Levels

                  Koh Lipe offers a wide range of dive sites suitable for divers of all experience levels. Whether you’re a newly certified open water diver or an experienced advanced diver, there’s something for everyone. Beginners can explore shallow coral gardens with mild currents, while more experienced divers can venture to deeper sites with stronger currents, underwater caves, and challenging swim-throughs.

                  4. Dive Schools and Operators

                  Koh Lipe boasts a selection of reputable dive schools and operators that cater to certified divers. These schools offer a variety of dive packages, guided dives, and rental equipment, making it convenient for divers to plan their underwater adventures. The professional dive instructors are well-versed in the local dive sites, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

                  5. World-Class Dive Sites

                  Koh Lipe is surrounded by several world-class dive sites. Some of the most popular ones include:

                  • Koh Adang: A diverse site with wall dives, pinnacles, and a variety of marine life.
                  • Stonehenge: Known for its large granite boulders and swim-throughs, this site is suitable for experienced divers.
                  • 8 Mile Rock: A remote dive site teeming with marine life, including sharks and barracudas.
                  • Hin Takorn Dang: Famous for its dramatic underwater landscapes and vibrant soft corals.

                  6. Stunning Visibility

                  The waters around Koh Lipe boast excellent visibility, often exceeding 30 meters. This crystal-clear visibility allows divers to fully appreciate the underwater beauty, spot distant marine life, and capture stunning photographs.

                  7. Warm Waters Year-Round

                  Koh Lipe enjoys warm waters year-round, with water temperatures typically ranging from 28°C to 31°C (82°F to 88°F). This means you can dive comfortably without the need for a thick wetsuit. The pleasant water temperatures make diving here an enjoyable experience no matter the season.


                  For certified divers seeking fun dive trips in a tropical paradise, Koh Lipe is a dream destination. The island offers a perfect blend of vibrant coral reefs, abundant marine life, and a range of dive sites suitable for divers of all levels. With professional dive schools and operators ready to assist you, all you need to do is pack your gear and head to Koh Lipe for an unforgettable diving experience. Explore the depths of the Andaman Sea and discover why this Thai island is renowned as one of the best dive destinations in Southeast Asia.

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