Adang Sea Divers Pricelist 2020



Fun Dives for Certified Divers

Fun Dives (price per person and per dive)Price (THB)
1 dive1,600
2 to 4 dives1,500
5 to 7 dives1,400
8-10 dives1,300
11+ dives1,200
Private guide (on top of diving price)2,000

SSI Day Courses

Day Courses/ExperiencePrice (THB)
SCUBA Refresher (1 Dive)2,500
SSI SCUBA SKills Update (2 Days)5,000
Try SCUBA (1 Dive)2,700
Try SCUBA (2 Dives)4,500
Try SCUBA – plus confined water training4,000
Try SCUBA (extra day)2,200

SSI Certification Courses

SSI Certification CoursesPrice (THB)
SSI Scuba Diver (2 dives / 2-3 days)10,000
SSI Open Water (4 dives / 4 days)14,500
SSI Advanced Adventurer (5 dives / 2-3 days)12,000
Advanced + Nitrox (5 dives / 2 Nitrox tanks / 3 days)15,500
React Right (1 day)6,000
SSI Stress and Rescue (4 days)14,500
SSI Divemaster40,000

SSI Speciality Courses

SSI Certification CoursesPrice
Nitrox specialty (1 dive)6,000
Deep specialty (4 dives / 2 days)9,000
Photo specialty (2 dives / 1 day, incl. camera)7,000
Perfect Buoyancy specialty (2 dives / 1 day)6,000
SSI Marine Ecology6,000
Wave, Tides and Currents6,000
Navigation Diver6,000
Wreck Diver6,000

Conservation Courses

Conservation DivesPrice (THB)
Conservation Dive (Fishing Net Removal)2,000
Coral Propagation Workshop4,000
Coral Propagation Course (planting coral and gardening)10,000
Conservation Specialty Bundle (Coral Prop, Coral ID, Marine Ecology)15,000

Bundle Dive Packages

Bundle Dive CoursesPrice (THB)
React Right + Stress and Rescue18,000
Specialty Diver (2 Speciality courses – 4 Dives)10,000
Mixed 3 Specialties (6 Dives)15,000
Conservation Specialty (Coral Prop, Coral ID, Marine Ecology)15,000
Advanced Open Water (4 Speciality courses – 8 Dives)20,000
Master Diver (4 Specialities + Stress and Rescue – 10 Dives)30,000
Diamond Divemaster (Deep, EANx, Search & Recovery, Marine Eco, Wreck)60,000

Equipment Rental

Daily Equipment RentalPrice (THB)
Dive computer (per day)300
Digital underwater camera (per day)1,500
Nitrox 1 tank (on top of diving price)300



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Cancellation Policy

Deposit of 1,000 THB (fun divers) or 3000 THB (courses) are none refundable.
We require advance notice for cancellations and/or changes to your booking.
Any no shows/cancellations after 7pm the evening prior to diving, will not
be refunded and require full payment.
(+5 % charge where applicable)
If for any reason you cannot complete a training course, you will receive
partial refund for the sections not completed.
If you require additional training to meet the course requirements, we reserve the right
to charge for additional dives and pool sessions.