Koh Lipe is a small travellers paradise tucked away in the furthest southern point of Thailand.

Not so much of a party island, Lipe is the best place to go for chilled-out fun, beautiful white sand beaches and pristine coral reefs.



    Getting to Koh Lipe is super easy now, and is (contrary to many online sources) in fact open all year round!

    You can reach Koh Lipe by boat from Mainland Thailand, Langkawi in Malaysia, and also from all the islands further north in the Andaman Sea.

    In Green Season (June-September) you can only reach Lipe from the mainland, but there are still 2 departures per day.

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      Accommodation on Koh Lipe is definitely a lot more developed than it used to be. With huge numbers of hotels and hostels having popped up over the past 3 years, you have a lot more choice and price range too.

      We have 2 properties on Koh Lipe, both located on Sunrise beach, that are budget and eco-friendly traveller options. Adang Sea Eco-Lodge features 3 fan and 2 AC rooms, which is perfect for divers as it is based in same location as our SSI Blue Ocean Dive Centre.

      The Hideaway features 14 fan rooms and a 6 bed AC dorm, nestled away in our beautiful gardens.

      Our advice is to check out Booking.com and TripAdvisor to find the perfect spot for you, and we strongly recommend booking well in advance during Peak Season (October-May) to avoid disappointment.

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        Koh Lipe and the Tarutao National park are of course most famed for their vibrant and lively coral reefs and marine life. So we obviously think one of the best ways to witness this first hand is to Scuba Dive during your visit here!

        Don’t worry if you have never tried it before, you can jump straight in with a SSI Try Scuba Dive, or getting your SSI Open Water license only takes 2-3 days.

        For experienced and certified divers, Dive Sites around Koh Lipe are hands down the best in Thailand, and not to be missed!

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          Another ‘must do’ activity on Koh Lipe is most definitely Snorkel!

          You can do this just off one of the beaches, join a guided snorkel tour, or even hire your own private Longtail Boat and explore the National Marine Park.

          We have many options with regards to route and price range through our Snorkel tours and snorkel gear to rent for the day at our dive shop.

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            EAT AND DRINK

            Koh Lipe is home to such a great variety of places to eat and drink, with new places opening still each year!

            Walking Street is lined with beautiful restaurants and bars, and you can also find some stunning spots to enjoy dinner and a cocktail on the beach.

            In front of our Dive Centre, we have Benny’s On The Beach, where we serve vegan and veggie International and Thai food, fresh fruit smoothies and cocktails from 8am-6pm each day. Benny’s On The Beach is the best spot to watch the Sunrise on Koh Lipe, where you can follow it up with a yummy fresh breakfast.

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              Koh Lipe is super remote and beautiful. It is also privatised when it comes to electricity and water and does not have a pier. These factors contribute hugely to the cost of visiting and staying on the island.

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                What is the cheapest rate for accommodation on Koh Lipe?

                In High Season (October-May) you can get a Bamboo Bungalow with fan and cold water shower for between 800-1000THB per night, in Green Season (June-September) the same would cost 400-700THB per night.
                A bed in a mixed dormitory with AC and hot water are priced at between 400-1000THB per night in High Season.

                What is the price for a Snorkel Tour?

                Rates for Snorkel Tours cost from 600THB for a 5hr tour starting in the morning. Private Boat hire starts from 2000THB for your own Longtail boat for 4-6hrs.
                You can expect these prices to be discounted in Green Season.

                What does it cost to Scuba Dive?

                Scuba Diving rates start from 1600THB for a dive if your are already certified, and 2500THB if you don’t have a license.
                If you visit during Green Season (June-September) you can receive 10% discount from all diving prices and a FREE ROOM on the day you dive!

                How much does it cost to reach Koh Lipe?

                Boat tickets from Pak Bara on the mainland cost 700THB per person, oneway, and from Langkawi to Lipe tickets are 1400THB per person oneway. You can get return travel at a discounted rate if you book in advance.

                What are the extra charges to watch out for?

                Everyone has to pay a Marine Park Entry Fee of 200THB when they come to Koh Lipe.
                On Lipe you should also expect to pay ATM fees of 220THB per cash withdrawal, and all payments by card will incur a 3% charge.
                There is currency exchange facilities on the island, but you should expect pretty bad rates compared to the mainland.

                What does it cost for a meal out?

                As there is so much variety on Koh Lipe, this is quite a tough question!
                If you are on a tight budget, you can eat noodle soup and a Thai Iced Tea for 100THB. For a Thai sit-down meal shared with beers, you would be expecting to pay 200-500THB per person.

                What does it cost for a beer or a coffee?

                A beer in a bar costs 80-100THB, or you can pick up a few in one of the local convenience stores for 45THB per bottle.
                Coffee costs between 80-160THB in a cafe or for those on a budget, you can get a 7-11 takeaway coffee for 60THB.

                What does a taxi cost on Koh Lipe?

                Motorbike taxis cost 50THB per person to anywhere on the island, and most high end resorts will provide free transfers to and from the beach or town centre.

                How much would basic medical care cost?

                We would definitely advise all tourists visiting Koh Lipe to come with their own good quality Travel/Medical Insurance.
                However should you not have your own, you can expect to pay 1000THB minimum for a consultation with a doctor and 3000THB minimum for medicine and aftercare products.

                How much do basic toiletries cost?

                As everything has to be imported to the island, there are huge mark-ups on all retail items, so prices are nearly double what they would be on the mainland.
                Suncream would set you back 700THB in a pharmacy, deodorant 200THB, and shampoo/conditioner 300THB.

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