Adang Sea Divers


Love Koh Lipe and Stay the Eco-Way!

A Little Bit About Us….

At Adang Sea and the Hideaway we pride ourselves on simple and informal, yet comfortable accommodation, in naturally beautiful settings. Both of our resorts are located conveniently just seconds walk from the beautiful Sunrise Beach and Walking Street.

We creatively reinvented the simplicity of the hostel concept of budget travellers, flash packers and nature lovers. Those who look for a place of true relaxation and shared experiences.

From the very moment of your arrival, you will feel embraced with nature, warmth and hospitality, that is so naturally rooted in each and every aspect of the Thai culture.

Our resorts feature accommodation units of clean, comfortable and fully equipped private rooms, in various categories. They also boast the stunning backdrop of enchanting tropical gardens and gentle shade, nestled under tamarind trees.

The Adang Sea Eco-Lodge also hosts our SSI Blue Ocean Dive Centre. This will suit those of you wishing to jump out of bed and straight onto the dive boat!

We have various room types available at Adang Sea Eco-Lodge and the Hideaway, including double, twin and triple or mix dorm rooms, with either AC or fan. Room rates on our direct booking site include hot showers, complimentary WIFI, drinking water and breakfast at Benny’s On The Beach or the Hideaway restaurant.


    The Hideaway, Ko Lipe

    The Hideaway is situated 100 metres from our dive centre Adang Sea divers. It is made up of 14 wooden bungalows in a beautiful peaceful garden, with a restaurant and common area for relaxing.

    Our wooden Bamboo Bungalows are comfortable and cozy, and aptly named due to their natural style and airy open elegance. These rooms are exposed more to the elements and Lipe’s beautiful wildlife, as they are made from bamboo and wood so cannot be sealed. For this reason they are fan-only and are our most budget friendly option.

    Each room features a queen sized double bed, with a mosquito net suspended above, which you can tuck in at night to keep those pesky mozzies out.

    The Hideaway has 3 rooms types of Family Bungalow, Double Terrace or AirCon 6 Bed Dorm.

    We fit ourwWooden bungalows with a bed side table, clothes hanging rack and shelving unit. Therefore you have plenty of space to store your belongings during your stay.

    The bathrooms are quaint but practical, with a western flushing toilet, hot-water shower and sink with mirror. Each of these rooms also have their own balcony, with seating area overlooking the gardens. Here many of our guests love to relax and read a book, after a long day Scuba Diving around the Tarutao National Park.


      Adang Sea Eco Lodge

      Here we have 5 spacious and fully tiled rooms nestled under the shade of 2 huge tamarind trees. Built from bricks and mortar, these rooms are more sealed and quiet.

      We fit our rooms with bed side tables and a custom made clothes hanging rack. Therefore you have plenty of space to store your belongings during your stay.

      The bathrooms are spacious yet simple, with a western flushing toilet, hot-water shower and sink with mirror. Each of these rooms also have their own terrace with seating area and hammock overlooking the gardens. Here many of our guests love to relax and read a book after a long day Scuba Diving.

      Our 3 rooms type options are: queen sized double fan room, queen sized double A/C or single bed twin A/C.

      All our rooms include free breakfast at Benny’s on the Beach.

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        What Makes Us Eco-Accommodation?

        Many people don’t know what to expect when trying to picture staying at an Eco-Resort and so some may even ask what is the point in our environmental efforts?

        We have seen first hand from our years here on Koh Lipe, the hugely detrimental effects an increase of tourism has had to the precious eco-systems around the Tarutao National Park. More people, simply means more water, and more food, and more electricity and more waste!

        Of course Koh Lipe is beautiful and everyone should be able to visit this piece of paradise, while also helping to preserve it for other visitors. For this reason we feel it is super important to do everything we can, and try and minimise ours and our guests waste-footprint on Koh Lipe.

        The Earth Is What We All Have In Common.”

        Wendell Berry

        Reduce, Reuse, Refuse!

        We started implementing our efforts by simply introducing reusable Trash Hero water bottles in all of our accommodation. The Adang Sea Team are proud supporters of Trash Hero Thailand, and we offer our guests everyone with a reusable water bottle UNLIMITED FREE DRINKING WATER!

        In this climate, this is reducing the use of plastic water bottles by an average of 6 large plastic water bottles per person, per day. Pretty cool right?!

        We also offer Trash Hero Thailand reusable shopping bags. So when you buy anything from the shops here on Koh Lipe, you can proudly and politely refuse the use of a single use plastic bag and feel great about it!

        “Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference. It Does.”

        William James

        The Toilet Taboo…

        Much to peoples surprise, we do NOT provide toilet paper at Adang Sea. We don’t criticise the use of it at all, so guests are welcome to buy their own and carefully dispose of it in the bins provided.

        However as an eco-conscious brand, we strongly promote the use of the famous BUM GUN! So much more hygienic for your ‘down-below bits’ and tons kinder to the environment!

        Save Water, Save Electric, Save Koh Lipe!

        We built our accommodation with waste management in mind.

        We use ‘grey water’ collection tanks to filter and recycle waste water, which we use to flush your toilet or water our gardens.

        The toilet water is also filtered and stripped of any harmful microorganisms before it flows down into the ground.

        Less Waste, More Life!

        Our newest venture has been Benny’s On The Beach located on Sunrise Beach, just in front of the Adang Sea Eco-Lodge. We decided the best way to be kind to our environment and promote eco-conscious efforts, was to serve only vegetarian and vegan dishes.

        All the meat you would eat on Koh Lipe has to be packaged in plastic/polystyrene, and shipped in from all over the world. Our fruits and veggies are locally sourced, straight from our friend’s farms in Langu and Satun. They are also shipped using reusable packaging.

        So at Benny’s On The Beach you really have a farm to table experience. You are also supporting local small businesses instead of huge corporate suppliers!

        Special Rates For Our Eco-Lodge Guests…

        We offer guests in Adang Sea Eco-Lodge and the Hideaway, special discounted rates on scuba diving, snorkeling and dining.

        Guests can receive 10% discount from daily dive trips and courses at our SSI Blue Ocean Dive Centre.

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          Free Accommodation For Divers…

          In our Green Season (May and October), we offer divers doing 2 dives per day or any SSI Courses, FREE accommodation in either of our locations.

          We can also offer special discounted room rates for our terraced rooms and Air Con rooms during this period!

          “The Earth Is A Fine Place, And Worth Fighting For.”

          Ernest Hemmingway

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          Where to Stay on Koh Lipe: Your Island Retreat

          Dreaming of a paradise getaway? Discover Koh Lipe. This tiny Thai island offers stunning accommodations for all budgets. From beachfront bungalows to luxury resorts, your perfect stay awaits.

          1. Beachfront Bungalows:

          Koh Lipe boasts cozy beachfront bungalows. Wake up to the sound of the sea right at your doorstep. It’s simple living with a touch of paradise.

          2. Budget-Friendly Guesthouses:

          Traveling on a budget? No worries. Koh Lipe has affordable guesthouses. You’ll find clean, comfy rooms to rest in between your island adventures.

          3. Mid-Range Comfort:

          Seeking more comfort? Mid-range accommodations are aplenty. Air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi, and a pleasant atmosphere make your stay a breeze.

          4. Luxurious Resorts:

          For a touch of luxury, Koh Lipe’s upscale resorts deliver. From private villas to gourmet dining, these resorts make your stay unforgettable.

          5. Eco-Friendly Choices:

          Eco-conscious? Koh Lipe promotes sustainability. Choose eco-friendly accommodations that care for the island’s delicate environment.

          6. Booking in Advance:

          Koh Lipe is popular. It’s wise to book your stay in advance, especially during peak seasons. Don’t miss out on your preferred spot.

          From budget to luxury, Koh Lipe’s accommodations cater to all. It’s time to book your island escape and experience the beauty of this Thai paradise.

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