Divemaster Ko Lipe

Divemaster Course

First step in becoming a dive professional!

Here you will learn extensive knowledge on the science of diving, how to guide certified divers and teach refresher courses.

Best Dive School in Lipe

Fab experience with the whole team, easy to book with Becky; and the dives were excellent with divemasters Lauren and Keira. Equipment are all in very good shape, everything is looked after and the waters were brilliant.

Vignes – 5 Star Trip Advisor Reviewed Jan 2023

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    Divemaster Dive guide card Koh Lipe Thailand

    Divemaster Course

    Price from – 45,000 THB

    Discount – 5,000B discount with own equipment.

    PADI instructor Koh Lipe

    Divemaster course is most popular professional course available. No wonder as it is fun, rewarding and informative. Additionally, it is the prerequisite certification for both the SSI Assistant Instructor and SSI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications.

    The course can be split in two sections, one being the practical portion of the course, known as the Dive Guide and then the theory side, Science of Diving.

    Have a passion for diving and the underwater world?

    Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with the SSI Divemaster program. Working closely with a SSI instructor you will expand your dive knowledge and develop your skills to the professional level. SSI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers.

    Want to make the ocean your office?

    Spend 4-12 weeks in paradise with unlimited diving and learn to become a dive professional. We are the only active SSI Instructor development centre on Ko Lipe, offering the high standard of Divemaster training.

    If you complete you Divemaster Course at our dive centre you can also get a chance to dive and get experience at our dive centre on Koh Phi Phi, Blue View Divers.

    After completing this course you will be able to work anywhere around the world as a Divemaster!


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      Bundle kits divemaster Koh Lipe

      Diamond Professional Bundle

      Price – 60,000 THB

      Duration – 4-6 weeks

      We are excited to offer a Diamond Divemaster course bundle package with 4 extra specialities added to your Divemaster Course including Deep Diver, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Search and Recovery and Marine Ecology.

      Deep Dive certification divemaster
      Search and Recovery Speciality Koh Lipe
      Enriched Air Nitrox Divemaster Koh Lipe
      Marine Ecology Speciality divemaster koh Lipe
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        Why Adang Sea Divers?

        Youʼll be part of the Family!

        Adang Sea Divers specialises in small groups and personalised service. We value our relationship with each diver who walks in our door. You will become part of a team and gain experience in all areas of the diving industry from filling tanks, selling equipment to assisting with dive courses.

        Our experienced Instructors have years of experience and look forward to sharing their knowledge with you. You will have the opportunity to work with different instructors with different teaching styles which will give you a head start when preparing for your Instructor course.

        What you will do?

        Above Water:

        • You will build upon your basic dive theory and increase your knowledge and understanding of dive topics.
        • Through independent and classroom study you will cover 9 chapters from the SSI Science of Diving Divemaster Theory.
        • You will create an Emergency Assistance Plan, relative to our local dive sites, to prepare you for any diving related emergencies.

        Under Water:

        • Perform water based skills exercises such as timed swims, snorkel swims, survival floats, and tired diver tows.
        • Refresh your skills with a rescue scenario.
        • Learn to demonstrate each skill from the Open Water Course to a high standard.
        • Learn how to guide certified divers and organize diving activities.
        • Assist in boat and dive shop operations.
        • Complete workshops for all SSI Divemaster conducted programs.
        • Have practical assessments for leading certified divers in open water, assisting with Open Water diver students in confined and open water, and assisting with students completing continuing education courses.
        • By certification you will have logged 60 open water dives.
        • You will also complete deep dive scenario, night dive, search and recovery and a mapping project.
        What can you do once certified?
        • Supervise certified divers during diving activities.
        • Assist with training divers taking SSI courses.
        • Independently conduct specific SSI programs for certified divers and non-divers (ex. Scuba Skills Update, Try Snorkeling, SSI Skin Diver course).
        • Accompany student divers during SSI Open Water dives, SSI Adventure Dives or Specialty training dives under the indirect supervision of a SSI Instructor.
        • If qualified as a SSI Discover Scuba Diving Leader, independently conduct the SSI Try Scuba Diving program in confined water.

        To enroll in the SSI Divemaster course you must be 18 years or older, a Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another organisation), a SSI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organisation), an React Right (or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another organisation) course completion within the past 24 months, have at least 40 dives to begin the course and 60 dives for certification, be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement (PDF) signed by a physician within the last 12 months.

        What’s Included:

        The fees includes everything needed to complete your SSI Divemaster course. Equipment hire and boat fees, high quality instruction from experienced instructors, discounts on the purchase of your own diving equipment, lunch and water.


        To get the most out of your SSI Divemaster course we recommend you take between 6-8 weeks to complete the course. The roles of a SSI Divemaster challenge you both mentally and physically and the longer you spend as a Divemaster Candidate, the more prepared you will be.

        Adang Sea Divers is offering you a chance to continue your education and put into practice what you have learned in your Divemaster course with our optional Internship. We invite you stay for up to 2 weeks after you are certified to gain valuable ʻreal lifeʼ experience as a SSI Divemaster!

        The course schedule is flexible and we can start your training whenever it suits you. This allows you to explore more of Thailand while you are here! If you have a tight schedule or would like to spread the course over a longer period please contact us and we will come up with a custom schedule to suit your needs.

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          Dive Medical Check

          We must let you know that certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving such as asthma and heart conditions. If you are currently taking any medications, or are unsure about your fitness to dive, please have a look at the Diving Medical Questionnaire. If you answer YES to any to any questions listed then you must print out the RSTC Medical form and take it to your physician prior to coming to Thailand.

          Please click to see a full Medical Statement.

          Cancellation Policy

          Deposit of 1,000 THB (fun divers) or 3000 THB (courses) are none refundable.
          We require advance notice for cancellations and/or changes to your booking.
          Any no shows/cancellations after 7pm the evening prior to diving, will be charged 500THB.
          (+5 % charge where applicable)
          If for any reason you cannot complete a training course, you will receive
          partial refund for the sections not completed.
          If you require additional training to meet the course requirements, we reserve the right
          to charge for additional dives and pool sessions.

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          Exploring the Depths: SSI Professional Divemaster Course on Ko Lipe

          Ko Lipe, a tropical paradise nestled in the Andaman Sea of Thailand, is a dream destination for those seeking sun, sand, and stunning underwater adventures. As you step foot on this small island, you’re greeted by turquoise waters, lush greenery, and a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding. However, Ko Lipe is not just a haven for sunbathers and beach lovers; it’s also a scuba diver’s paradise. With its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and crystal-clear waters, it’s an ideal place to take your diving skills to the next level. In this blog, we’ll explore the SSI (Scuba Schools International) Professional Divemaster course on Ko Lipe, offering you a glimpse into what makes this experience exceptional.

          Why Choose Ko Lipe for Your Divemaster Course?

          Ko Lipe is renowned for its incredible dive sites, making it a superb location to pursue your professional divemaster training. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Ko Lipe for this adventure:

          1. Breathtaking Marine Life: The waters surrounding Ko Lipe are teeming with marine life. You’ll encounter a vast array of species, from colorful coral reefs to majestic sea turtles, and from graceful manta rays to charismatic clownfish. This diversity makes it an ideal place to enhance your knowledge and skills as a divemaster.
          2. Perfect Conditions: The crystal-clear waters and mild currents of the Andaman Sea provide the perfect conditions for diving. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced diver, the conditions around Ko Lipe are suitable for everyone.
          3. Local Dive Community: Ko Lipe has a welcoming and passionate dive community. The island is home to several reputable dive centers that offer professional SSI training. You’ll find experienced instructors and a diverse group of divers who share your passion for exploring the underwater world.
          4. Exotic Island Vibes: When you’re not diving, you can relax on the pristine beaches, explore the island’s lush interior, or enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at the local restaurants. Ko Lipe’s laid-back atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for your divemaster training.

          What to Expect from the SSI Professional Divemaster Course

          The SSI Professional Divemaster course is an immersive experience designed for those who are passionate about diving and want to take their skills to the professional level. Here’s what you can expect during the course on Ko Lipe:

          1. In-Depth Theory: The course begins with comprehensive theoretical training. You’ll delve into the science of diving, dive planning, equipment maintenance, and safety protocols. This knowledge forms the foundation for becoming a competent divemaster.
          2. Practical Training: You’ll participate in a series of confined water and open water training sessions. These hands-on experiences are where you’ll refine your diving skills, become proficient in guiding other divers, and develop a deep understanding of marine ecosystems.
          3. Rescue and Emergency Response: Safety is a top priority in the SSI Divemaster course. You’ll learn essential rescue techniques and how to respond to various diving emergencies, ensuring the well-being of yourself and fellow divers.
          4. Navigation and Mapping: As a divemaster, you’ll be responsible for leading dives. This requires strong navigation skills. You’ll learn how to create underwater maps, plot routes, and guide divers effectively.
          5. Assisting Instructors: One of the most exciting aspects of the divemaster course is working alongside experienced instructors. You’ll assist with teaching and guiding students, gaining valuable hands-on experience in leadership and supervision.
          6. Conservation and Sustainability: On Ko Lipe, you’ll be immersed in the importance of marine conservation. You’ll learn how to be a responsible diver and contribute to preserving the fragile ecosystems you explore.

          The Journey to Becoming a Divemaster

          Becoming an SSI Professional Divemaster on Ko Lipe is a rewarding journey that combines adventure, education, and a deep appreciation for the underwater world. You’ll emerge from the course with newfound skills, knowledge, and a professional certification that allows you to guide and inspire divers from around the world.

          As you explore the depths of Ko Lipe’s marine wonderland, you’ll be living the dream of many scuba enthusiasts. The sense of accomplishment, the bond you’ll form with fellow divers and instructors, and the unique experiences you’ll gain are priceless. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in diving or simply want to deepen your passion for the underwater realm, the SSI Professional Divemaster course on Ko Lipe is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

          So, pack your bags, prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world beneath the waves, and let Ko Lipe and the SSI Divemaster course take you on a journey of a lifetime.