Welcome Toni, Divemaster Candidate!

We would like you to say “hi” to Toni! Toni is with us on Koh Lipe completing his Divemaster course. We just love his positive attitude and eagerness around the shop. Here is what Toni has to say about his diving experience thus far.

Cousteau said, referring to the sea “…people protect what they love, but we only love what we know.” and once I knew the sea I have loved and protected it ever since.

Down there my worries and my burden just dissolve into the deep blue. As soon as I ascended from my first dive in Phi Phi I knew I wanted to join the scuba family and be a sea ambassador. I kept on diving back home in the cold north spanish Atlantic till I made it to do my Divemaster with Adang Sea Divers on Koh Lipe.

For me all, the best thing about diving around Koh Lipe are the coral reefs. My favourite sites so far are Stonehenge and the Far Away Islands.