Green Season

Green Season

Green Season….Well, we think it should be called blue season!! :-) During this time of year you can expect beautiful blue waters and 20+ metres visibility. A number of our divers asked us why this is the quieter season, as they were surprised by good weather and amazing diving conditions, so we thought we should write about it to let people know just what they are missing out on.

Koh Lipe’s quieter months are from May to October and in these months the island runs at a slower pace so we think this gives you the opportunity to get more value for your money.

Firstly, accommodation prices double and sometimes treble in our peak season, so why not come to Koh Lipe and book some of the high end resorts at a fraction of the price during the low season instead?! At our Eco Lodge we offer free rooms for divers during this period. If you are a non diver our rooms cost around half the price of peak season. For our accommodation rates please click here.

For those of you interest in diving and stay at our Eco-Lodge take a look at our dive packages page for our yearly rates.

A lot of the island’s restaurants and bars do close down for a few months, but with each passing year more and more places are staying open as there are more and more savvy travellers realising that Green Season is where it’s at! The restaurants that do stay open also often offer good deals on food and drink, such as buy on get one free Pizzas or Happy Hour cocktails.

All of our beaches are quieter and sometimes empty so you can enjoy relaxing sun bathing and snorkelling with only a few people around.

Speedboats from Pak Bara are also now running more frequently all year round, making it easier to access the island during Green Season. Check out our Transport Blog for current speedboat timetables.

Visiting at this time of year does mean a higher chance of rain, but since Koh Lipe is a small island the rainy periods never last long. It generally rains early in the morning and late in the evenings, meaning you will normally still get a lot of sun during the day.

Please contact us if you would like more information about coming to the island at this time of year.

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