PADI Online Digital Manuals

‘PADI Online Manuals: Eco-Friendly. Paper Free.’ 

No longer do you have to carry around your diving text book, or have to worry that you will loose or damage it! Did you know that PADI Online Manuals are available in 100% Digital Format?

If you have recently completed your PADI Course with Adang Sea Divers then you will have received your PADI Online Manual already! If you’re thinking about getting certified, then keep reading.

Padi Online Manual PADI continue their march towards environmentally friendly learning by providing digital manuals to go with their courses (‘E-Books’), online course certification forms (PIC Online), and PADI E-Learning Courses. Adang Sea Divers has been offering the E-Learning option of the Open Water Course for several years now, and since 2013, all of our student divers have been receiving this new Eco-Friendly, convenient version of the paper manual.

As a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort, here at Adang Sea Divers, we follow all of PADI’s innovative and new ideas. We promote Eco-Friendly learning, such as the PADI Online Manual. Not only that, the PADI Online Manual can be accessed in multiple languages! PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver are all now available in 100% Digital Format with Adang Sea Divers.

Adang Sea Divers E-Book Course

PADI Open Water Course: You will be given a paper copy of the manual for use during your course. Your own copy will be a digital version, which can be accessed anytime on the PADI website. If you are pushed for time on the island, and want to complete your full Open Water Course with us, we can send you your PADI Online Manual in advance. We will also send your knowledge review questions, which you can print off and make a start on at home! All you need to do upon arrival is watch the relevant DVDS, review your answers with your PADI Instructor and complete some quizzes and final exam.

PADI Advance Open Water Course: You will also be given a paper copy of the manual during your course, and there are no DVDs, quizzes or exams, with the Advanced Course so only five Knowledge Reviews are to be completed!

PADI Rescue Diver: Again, paper manuals and the DVD will be available here during your course, however the theory is more thorough for the Rescue Diver so it may not be a bad idea to complete a few chapters prior to arrival to the island.

So, what comes with your PADI Online Manual?

Open Water Diver contains:

– PADI Open Water Diver manual Online

– Slate

– Recreational Dive Planner (RDP Table)

– Booklet

– RDP Instructions for use

– Online PIC

Adventures in Diving contains:

– PADI Adventures in diving manual Online

– Slate

– Deluxe Data Carrier

– Online PIC

Rescue Diver contains:

– PADI Rescue Diver manual Online

– Slate

– Accident Management Flowchart

– Online PIC

The Accident Management Flowchart that accompanies the online manual is currently in English, more languages will be available soon.

How does it work?

When you enrol in your PADI diving courses, your Dive Centre or Instructor will register you on the PADI Pro website. You will be sent a PADI ONLINE MANUAL via email, and your Personal Identification Card (PIC) will be allocated in your name. Students can log onto the PADI website anytime to access their E-BOOK. The manual cannot be downloaded, printed or otherwise shared – a printed version can be purchased. If you would like to book your PADI Diving Course with Adang Sea Divers today, or would like more information, Get In Touch HERE!