Our Staff

Our friendly dive staff have work in Koh Lipe and Thailand for many years. Some with over 15 years experience teaching and diving in Thailand. They know all the dive sites intimately so they can make your dives more enjoyable. They have been PADI dive instructors for many years also which allow them to teach your courses thoroughly and make you feel at easy.

Having lived on Koh Lipe for years they are also happy to tell you the nicest restaurants, best snorkelling spots or the quietest beach to visit, when you are not diving.

Our non dive team are local to the island and have lived on the island their whole lives.



Kris Instructor on Koh Lipe – PADI MSDT # 290608

Kris from Newcastle, England is most commonly found out on the boat teaching courses and leading our guests through their Marine Park Diving Adventures. Kris originally learned to dive in Australia on the Ningaloo Reef and continued to dive around the world on his travels until settling in Thailand. First working on Koh Phi Phi for a few years being the co-owner of Blue View Divers. Before settling on Koh Lipe and being the co-owner of Adang Sea Divers. Kris is still the owner of Blue View Divers, Koh Phi Phi so spend his time moving between the two islands.


Clare Diving Koh Lipe

Clare Instructor on Koh Lipe PADI OWSI # 491541

Clare from Guilford, UK has always loved to travel and started diving at a young age. She first fell in love with diving at 16 when she first moved to Thailand. After that she started working in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand as a dive instructor in 2006. After Koh Phi Phi she went home for a few years to work. After try to settle at home she missed Thailand and diving too much so she moved back out here but settled on Koh Lipe. Clare loves teach all PADI dive courses from Open Water Course to Divemaster. She has a passion for Underwater Photography.


Pee Nok Koh Lipe

Divemaster Maxi – PADI DM # 364197

Our Divemaster Max is from a small village near Chang Mai in the north of Thailand. He started diving a few years ago when he first came to Ko Lipe and fell in love with life on the island. He is amazing at finding Macro life with a great eye to spot Nudibranchs. As well as being an amazing Divemaster Max is also our Equipment Technician. Before learning to dive Max studied Electrical Engineering at university this in turn gave him a greater interest into the technical side of diving.


Pee Nok Koh Lipe

Pi Nok our Travel Agent on Koh Lipe- Little Bird

Pi Nok – Little Bird is originally from the small town of Ranong right on the Myanmar border. She is our Thai partner and co-owner of Adang Sea Divers. More importantly however! She is our second mother, our guardian angel and the glue that holds everything and everyone together. Based on Phi Phi for the last 20 years she runs a very well established travel agency called Spidermonkey Travel. As busy as she is fortunately she manages to divide her time and her busy schedule between Phi Phi and Lipe these days so she gets to visit us quite often. Which is a really good thing as we would be completely lost without her!


Super Nah Koh Lipe Thailand

Amazing Nah our mother on Ko Lipe

Nah or “Super Nah as she is affectionately know to us was born and raised right here on Koh Lipe Thailand. She hails from the original Chao Ley inhabitants of Koh Lipe. She left for a few years to work in a five star hotel in Phuket but most fortunately (for us anyway) she decided that she missed her life here and returned to Koh Lipe. Nah takes excellent care or your rooms during your stay and ensures that you are amply supplied with fruit and snacks between your dives trips.


Jo Koh Lipe

Superstar Jo our Tank Team on Lipe

Jo is the backbone of Adang Sea Divers. Originally from Myanmar he has lived and worked for Adang Sea divers since we first opened our doors. He takes care of absolutely everything from our tanks, equipment, compressor room, garden and grounds. Always working at maximum capacity he has boundless energy and enthusiasm for even the most mundane of tasks. Rarely is such a sincere and dedicated work ethic seen and we appreciate him more than he will ever know. He is one of a kind, always flashing his million dollar smile he is always there to help in anyway he can. He truly is a superstar! When he has time he dives as much as possible. He is a keen and competent diver. He also loves to help out in the Trash Hero Mondays on Lipe whenever he can.

Captain Koh Lipe

Captain Bassott drives our Speedboat on Ko Lipe

Our Captain is originally from Koh Bulone, a small island close to Lipe. He has spent his whole life on the waters around the Tarutao Marine park. He drives the speedboat with absolute precision and is vigilant in monitoring where the individual dive groups are in the water at all times. He is also very good at spotting whales from the boat.



Benny Diving Koh Lipe Thailand

Benny our Shop Dog on Lipe

Our shop dog is called Benny. You will find him lying around the shop, or eating…, or following you to the beach, or eating… or sleeping, or eating… He has been with us for two years now and is the most gentle loving and playful dog we have ever met. Unfortunately we haven’t figured out a way to get him SCUBA diving so he usually waits on the beach until the boat returns. He does absolutely love to participate in the weekly cleanups organized by the truly admiral operation Trash hero.  

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