Our Speedboat in Koh Lipe


Our Speedboat

We are the only dive shop to dive from a speedboat on Koh Lipe. Our speedboat allows for small groups and shorter travel times to dive sites.

Our speedboat is custom designed for diving with tank racks installed along the centre of the boat. Our boat fits a maximum 15 people including staff so you can expect small groups and not a huge dive factory when diving with us. We like to get to know our guest so try to keep our shop & boat small.

Our speedboat’s engine is 4 stroke. These engines pollute less because they don’t need oil and use a lot less fuel than conventional engines. We compost and recycle our waste and we save a maximum of fresh water. We re-use shower water to flush our toilets and to water our plants. We use as little plastic materials as possible. Throughout the year we organise under water and beach clean-ups.

To enter the water from our speedboat you will do a backwards roll from the side of the boat. We usually complete buddy checks on the boat before getting into the water. To get back onto the boat after the dive you can pass your fins up to the boat staff then climb aboard with your equipment. Once onboard our staff will help you out of your gear.

We are an Eco friendly dive school and we consider it a point of honour to explain to our divers how to avoid damaging aquatic life.

Diving from a speedboat rather than a Longtail or a modified fishing boat gives you more flexibility for your dive trips. You do not need to spend your whole day on the water, but can choose between 1, 2 or 3 day dives a day. We also offer night dives which we can run everyday on request.

Because time lost during transport is greatly reduced you will have much more time to spend on the beach or with your family.

Our speedboat carries Oxygen as well as a First Aid kit on board for increased safety. Lifejackets are also on board under the seats. Please feel free to wear these when speedboat diving Koh Lipe.




You can view our online classroom for PADI Elearning on the banner link below.

Speedboat Koh Lipe

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