Marine Life of Koh Lipe

Reefs in Koh Lipe

coralThe under-water reefs of the Tarutao national park offer a great variety of hard corals, but it’s the soft coral gardens which make diving in Koh Lipe really special. The nutrient rich water is particularly well suited to their needs. Come and take a dive in Koh Lipe and explore the Reefs in Koh Lipe.



Fish and anemones in Koh Lipe

Clown Fish Leafy Soft Coral Koh Lipe ThailandThe reefs in Koh Lipe are not only inhabited by a large number of angel fish, surgeon fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, trigger fish and batfish….but also by numerous anemones featuring the star of the under-water world: the clown fish alias NEMO. Large schools of barracudas, trevallies and fusiliers are often encountered. A great variety of moray eels can be seen here while lion fish and scorpion fish are also frequently spotted.



Reef dwellers in Koh Lipe

Reef Dwellers Diving Koh LipeBut our favourites are the less celebrated reef dwellers: cuttlefish, seahorses, nudibranches, pipefish, shrimps and crabs. They are legion around Lipe….to the under-water photographer’s delight.



Turtles, sharks and more in Koh Lipe

Turtles Diving Koh LipeDuring our diving trips Koh Lipe we occasionally encounter larger marine life such as sea snakes, black-tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, nurse sharks, devil rays, mangrove rays, hawksbill turtles, sailfish and even whale sharks.

Koh Lipe is mainly marco diving so we don’t see these creatures everyday but there is always a high chance of seeing them. We mainly have big school of Baracudas and other reef fish. We still have house reef turtle that you are able to see during the dives.

Sadly a lot of our big sharks have disappeared due to over fish. We do still have small Coral Cat Sharks that can be seen under the coral.
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