Koh Lipe

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Koh Lipe Diving Adventure

When it comes to diving Koh Lipe is certainly one of the best choices you can make. Koh Lipe is surrounded by more than twenty captivating islands and beautiful coral reefs. Since the number of tourists coming to our little island is constantly growing, we want to offer them high-class diving services at popular prices.

Despite of what most guided books may tell you Koh Lipe is open all year around. Our Peak Season is from October until May. Our Green season is from June – September during our Green Season we offer discounted diving and free accommodation for divers.

We offer diving packages for all year around. These packages include diving, accommodation & transfer to Lipe.

For the best visibility and easier diving plan your trip to come around half moon. Diving changes throughout the year but our favourite time of year to dive is from April until October.

For daily weather reports check windguru and windfinder.

Activities on Koh Lipe

Activities Koh Lipe Thailand

At our dive centre you can rent a mask, snorkel and fins to go snorkeling from one of the many beaches on the island or to participate in a snorkelling tour by Longtail boat(traditional thai boat). Other activities are possible to go kayaking or trekking and for the less dynamic: relax on the heavenly beaches.

Adang Sea Divers now offers a Eco Sunset Snorkelling tour. Which includes snorkelling, eco guides, lunch and sunset. Click Here for more details.

When coming to the island, come to our resort and give yourself a once-in-a-lifetime Koh Lipe diving adventure. You will see our island and its surroundings from a completely different perspective. Adand Sea Divers are here to provide beautiful memories of Koh Lipe and the best diving practice in this part of the world.

If you ever get tired of looking at beautiful soft corals and schools of yellow snapper, there are actually lots of great things to do above the surface on Koh Lipe too. From natural beauty to top-shelf Thai food, you should plan a few days in addition to your diving to explore the island. For more ideas on what to do in Koh Lipe check out this Koh Lipe Guide from our friends at GettingStamped.

If you’re looking for an off the beaten path adventure, grab a kayak or water taxi and head to the lush Koh Adang to check out the infamous pirate falls. Legend has it, pirates hid out deep in the jungles on this remote island – very close to this set of waterfalls. The trail to Pirate Waterfall can be tough to find, but if you’re up for a little adventure it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon while visiting Koh Lipe. For more about the hike, click here and check out this Koh Adang guide with detailed information on Pirate Falls.

For you yogis out there we have a yoga instructor in the dive shop that offers classes at the Castaway Resort. Private classes are also available upon request.

Yoga is most complementary to diving. The focus on breathing in yoga helps with developing a steady, calm state of mind both during the yoga practice & while SCUBA diving. It aids certified divers in improving their air consumption and benefits new divers in adjusting to the new sensation of breathing underwater. This makes SCUBA diving a more familiar and less intimidating experience for those who have not tried it before. Mastery of the breath results in diving becoming a graceful, and weightless moving meditation in the silent underwater world.

For information about yoga classes or a private class visit www.keiritasyoga.com


Accommodation in Koh Lipe


Lipe is accommodation developing fast and visitors now have a great variety of options in terms of price, style and location. You can start at our Eco Lodge or you could opt for higher end accommodation. In addition to the many new resorts we also now have a multitude of smaller shops and a 7/11. There are several pharmacies, a post office, ATMs and a bank of Ayudhya arriving any day now. It is possible to pay by credit card in most of the bigger resorts as well as here at Adang Sea.

Please bare in mind however that there is normally a 5% to 8% fee for paying by credit card so the ATM withdrawal is most likely the best option. It is generally not possible to pay by credit card in the smaller shops and restaurants.


Internet & ATMs on Koh Lipe

Internet Koh Lipe Thailand

WIFI is now freely available all over Ko Lipe island. Most restaurants, bars and resorts offer complimentary WiFi for their guests, as do we at Adang Sea Divers and Eco Lodge.

There are also internet cafes available if you need to use a computer. The staff at Adang Sea Divers have personal computer that we don’t mind people using for the internet, if you need to print a flight ticket or check facebook.

Planning your Koh Lipe scuba diving trip has never been easier. The island now boasts several ATMs as of April 2014. Five at last count, which makes budgeting for your your numerous island activities considerably easier. Now it is no longer necessary to come to Lipe carrying large sums of money thus making your holiday even more stress free.


Restaurants on Koh Lipe

Restaurants Koh Lipe Thailand

Many restaurants propose grilled fish and crustaceans but, as a diver, you should know that even though we are inside a national marine park, the locals continue fishing on the reefs around the island and then sell these fish to tourists.

Next to our dive school is Sunrise Restaurant which is a great place to get breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you care for the preservation of the reefs and their inhabitants, ask the restaurant whether the fish they serve comes from fish farms on the mainland or whether they have been caught around Koh Lipe.

Only you can make a difference. If tourists refuse to eat fish caught inside the National Marine Park, restaurants will increasingly offer fish from farms instead, so that divers and snorkelers can continue to appreciate the fish in their natural environment rather than on a plate!

Our Dive team is always happy to point out their favourite restaurants and the best bars to get a drink. Check out Trip Advisor for the latest top restaurants on the island.

What to bring on your diving trip to Koh Lipe?

Bring Koh Lipe Thailand

It is highly recommended to smear on a thick layer before taking the speedboat. People frequently are exposed to a lot of sun on the journey over. As it’s cool on the water people often don’t realise that they are getting sunburned until it’s too late. It can be a painful beginning to your vacation so please take precaution especially if sitting in the front of the boat.

If your already a certified diver then please remember to bring your logbook and your diving license with you. You will be asked for your card when signing up for diving trips. Should you forget it however it’s not the end of the world, we can still look you up online in the PADI database. If you want to do a dive trip on koh lipe  or a SCUBA diving course.

Check the weather when you are here to help you decide what to bring at windfinder and windguru.


Climate of Koh Lipe

Climates Koh Lipe Thailand

But even then it does not rain every day and the thunderstorms never last long. The offices of the national park and their outlets on Adang island and Tarutao are closed during this time but some restaurants and resorts on Lipe remain open. This is a more quiet time and the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed.

During the dry season the island comes alive and all restaurants, resorts and shops are open.

Our high season is from December to February. To avoid bad surprises, we highly recommend that you make an advanced booking for your diving and accommodation if you want to come during this time.

It can still rain throughout the year and in the Dry Season. We also get beautiful climate in the low season (green season) where it will not rain for a week at a time.

If it is raining it tends to rain early morning and late evening. So the sun normally gets out everyday.

Check the weather before coming to Koh Lipe at Windfinder & Windguru.

Temperatures of Koh Lipe

Temperatures Koh Lipe Thailand

From June to September (The rainy season) temperatures lessen: from 28 to 35°C during the day and from 22 to 25°C during night time.

The «coldest» months are from October until December: (The cool season) Temperatures from 25 to 30°C during the day and from 20 to 25°C during night time.

The water temperatures remains quite stable and warm all year round, varying between 28 and 30°C.

To get an idea of today’s weather in South-West Thailand you can check the local weather report. You can also check a daily accurate website called wind finder for up to date daily wind, wave and rain conditions. For Lipes current temperatures and weather click here

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