Dive Sites Koh Lipe

Dive Sites of Koh Lipe are beautiful. Koh Lipe lies at the heart of the National Marine Park of Tarutao, which consists of about fifty islands offering numerous diving opportunities for all tastes and levels. We have over 20 different dive sites we go to regularly.

Wether you are doing fun dives or a PADI Dive course with us. We will try to take you to as many different sites as possible during your time here. We offer dive packages also if your planning a trip here.



stoneStonehenge is our favourite dive site because of its diversity of species as well as its topography. Its name is due to the large monoliths positioned like menhirs on the bottom. There’s a large hard coral reef and an incredible soft coral garden. While diving here, if you’re lucky, you may see mackerel, tuna, devil rays, seahorse & ghost pipefish. Depth: 5 – 25 m.



Talang Diving Koh Lipe Thailand

Talang is a small island around 10 minutes boat ride from Ko Lipe, maximum 35 m, and one of our most favourite dive sites. Seahorses, Pipefish and Nudibranches can be found while diving here as well as many cleaning stations inhabited by shrimps. Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Lionfish, Boxfish, Sting Rays & Travellies are abundantly present. This site is suitable for both fun dives and dive courses.


Koh Taru

taruKoh Taru is no more than a 15 minutes boat ride from Koh Lipe. This small rocky island is home to a superb hard coral reef. The marine life include Harlequin shrimps, seahorses, nudibranches, stone fish, marbled rays, and large schools of snappers live here. The shallow reefs on this site are perfect for beginner divers and diving courses, while the more advanced divers will appreciate the deeper reefs all the way down to 25 m. This site is suitable for fun dives and SCUBA dive courses.


Far Islands

Far Islands Koh Lipe, Thailand

Far Islands is a group of islands thus called because they are a 25 minutes boat ride away from Koh Lipe. They offer many particularly beautiful dive sites. To name but a few Hin Son, Sarang, Koh Pung, Bulo and many others sporting superb hard and soft coral reefs inhabited by many coral fish and lots of macro life.


Seven Rocks

Express Way Diving Koh Lipe
Seven Rocks, is our newest site which we found and it’s amazing. The site is full of soft coral and beautiful colours. This site offers shallow dives for beginners as well as deep dives up to 30 m for experienced divers. You can complete your Photography Dive Speciality here. We general do Seven Rocks around half moon to have little current .


8 mile rock

8 miles Koh Lipe, Thailand8 miles rock is Lipe’s Koh Lipes furthest – 8 miles south. It consists of a pinnacle in the middle of the sea. Its summit is at 16 m and from there it slopes down to a depth of over 50 m. It’s here that we have the best chance of seeing a whale shark or some large rays. Because this is a deep site we only take advanced divers wearing dive computers on this dive. This is a special trip that we can only plan to go to at certain times in the year.

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