Discover SCUBA Diving Koh Lipe


Price from – 2,500 THB
Duration – 1/2 Day
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1 Dive – 2,500 THB

2 Dives/1 Day – 4,000 THB

1 Dive/1 confined water skills practice – 3,500 THB
(For non swimmers/nervous divers)

Additional Days – 2,000 THB


Arrival Date

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Can you answer NO to all the medical questionnaire


Offered daily, this one day discover scuba diving experience will show you some of the best that Thailand has to offer on the shallow reefs of the beautiful Tarutao National Marine Park.

It is an exciting, relaxed and safe introduction to scuba diving, closely supervised by a PADI Instructor. We teach you some basic skills and review the safety aspects of diving before you enjoy 2 dives to 12 metres!

We specialise in small groups for your safety and enjoyment. We usually have 2 divers per instructor, but guarantee no more than 4 students per instructor.

Can’t swim? Don’t worry, you do not have to be a strong swimmer to participate in our Discover Scuba Program, we can do most of the work for you!

If you can’t swim or are a little bit nervous for doing the dives we strongly suggest you to complete the skills practice in confined water before going out on the boat.

Dive Knowledge

For Discover SCUBA diving you start by watching a short DVD in the shop before your instructor will show you your equipment. Then there is a quick dive quiz to complete just to show that you were listening during the introductory video.

After that they will give you a briefing on what to expect underwater. Teaching you techniques to clear your ears, how to swim underwater and show you all the fish that you might see whilst diving.

Dive Skills

The PADI Instructor will brief you on the basic dive skills for diving. There is 3 different dive skills to complete for the Discover SCUBA Diving experience.

Skill 1 – Clearing your regulator.
Skill 2 – Finding your regulator.
Skill 3 – Clearing your mask.

Once you have completed the skills you are ready to dive.

Fun Stuff

Going underwater for the first time can be a little bit scary, but once you get down and start looking at all the beautiful fish and coral the fear will disappear. Spending 30-60 minutes underwater just swimming, breathing and exploring becomes so very relaxing and peaceful.

What’s Next

If you really love it, you can carry on your training to become certified as a PADI Scuba Diver or as a fully certified PADI Open Water Diver. One of your Discover dives counts towards your PADI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Diver!


Arrival Date

Departure Date

Preferred Diving Date

Can you answer NO to all the medical questionnaire


Prices are fully inclusive of diving equipment rental, fruit, water & dive instructor fees

To dive in the Tarutao National Park, each person must pay a 200THB Marine Park Diving Fee, which we will register you for in store, and will be added to your total bill.
We also want to remind all divers to check their travel insurance to make sure that they are covered for Scuba Diving. If so, please note your insurance policy number. If not, we can insure you for only 200 THB per day through Indepths.

We must let you know that certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving such as asthma and heart conditions. If you are currently taking any medications, or are unsure about your fitness to dive, please have a look at the Diving Medical Questionnaire. If you answer YES to any to any questions listed then you must print out the RSTC Medical form and take it to your physician prior to coming to Thailand.

Please click to see a full Medical Statement.

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