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Blog for Adang Sea Divers, Koh Lipe, Thailand. Our staff here at Adang Sea Divers like to blog about current issues or recent diving activities. We like to share these blog on Facebook and twitter.

Adang Sea Divers care about environment so try as much as we can about this we do regular beach clean up and always clean up trash if we are out on the dives. We also like to wrie about changes with our dive shop or PADI changes.

Please read below where we do regular update of news on Koh lipe and diving.

Saying no to Plastic…

If you are planning a trip to Thailand or South East Asia you are going to find a large amount of SINGLE USE PLASTICS. Everyday you will be given disposable plastic. In 7 11 you will be given a plastic bag and a straw when buying 1 water bottle. On every snorkelling or trekking tour your fried rice will come...

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Top Marine Life Sightings

Our 5 Top Marine Life Sightings of 2016 So Far

Each year, Scuba Diving around Koh Lipe just gets better and better for us, with 2016 being the best year yet for the huge diversity of Marine Life we have been lucky enough to see! With the Thai National Park taking a much harder line on illegal fishing in the Tarutao National...

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Project Urak Lawoi

Koh Lipe's Heritage Trails

For historical memory and preservation of the Urak Lawoi Sea Tribe and it's traditions.

If you are planning a trip to Ko Lipe or you have already holidayed here. You would have met many of the local 'chao ley','sea gypsies' or the URAK LAWOI tribe. They are the beautiful people that live here who are always smiling...

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Green Season

Green Season....Well, we think it should be called blue season!! :-) During this time of year you can expect beautiful blue waters and 20+ metres visibility. A number of our divers asked us why this is the quieter season, as they were surprised by good weather and amazing diving conditions, so we thought we should write about it to...

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Speedboat Timetables

Ploysiam Speedboat Timetable

Please see below the Adang Sea Tours/Ploy Siam Speedboat timetables from June 2015 until May 2016. These speedboats run from Pak Bara, Thailand to Koh Lipe. Adang Sea Tours is the main speedboat company running from Pak Bara to Ko Lipe but there is also another few companies who may offer different times. Other companies in Bundaya Speedboat &...

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Phi Phi Divemaster Camp 2015

Our other shop Blue View Divers on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand is running a PADI Divemaster camp. They are running the camp September 2015. You can change your life and become a PADI Professional today!! The course will finish just before high season starts in Thailand. So you could spend our next season working as a PADI Pro. Please click on the...

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Why I chose to become a PADI Divemaster

In the winter of 2002 nearing my thirties, high on life and looking for adventure and change beyond what 8 years of life in New York city had to offer I decided to go searching… Searching for a life that was a little more in tune with nature and less in tune with my semi satisfying job at an...

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The Art of Drinking and Diving

The Importance of Proper Hydration in Scuba Diving

We think of running, cycling, and working out as physical activities where hydration is absolutely critical. But scuba diving does not seem to have that same critical need, so hydration tends to be downplayed by scuba divers, reduced to just a "good practice" when going diving. Think again! In this blog...

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'Keeping Paradise Clean For Future Generations'

Started in September 2013 by Roman Peter from Switzerland, and supported closely by 'Yaman' Nirut Chochuang, Pi Oh, Bee and Darius, Trash Hero Thailand has taken Koh Lipe and the surrounding Tarutao National Park by storm.  With Lipe getting ever busier each season,...

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PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning; Study at your own pace!

PADI eLearning was introduced in 2007 as a means for people interested in learning to dive, to start at home. If you sign up for PADI eLearning you can complete the theory portions of PADI courses in your own time - you can access PADI eLearning from any computer with an internet...

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